Aircraft Refuellers

We deliver aircraft refuellers of all categories and volumes, either as std. rigid units or as semitrailers, equipped with std. pump compartments and height, or as a low profile unit with hydraulic platform and deck hoses for refuelling of wide body aircrafts with various heights to the filling point. The Piping can also be manufactured in various standards and capacities. Our most popular models are based on 2-axles rigid units or single axle trailers in order to avoid a lot of tyre wear when using twin axles when making sharp turns to enter into position for refuelling of the aircraft. Rigid refuellers can be mounted on all type of truck chassis incl. allwheel driven units, and they are having a volume of 12-30m3, whilst the semitrailers have been supplied with a capacity from 30m3 up to 80m3.
Hydrant dispensers for connection to hydrants at the airport are of course part of our range.